Web Producer and Lead Product Designer

Westlake, California

5-year Web Producer/Designer for LoanToolbox Web Content team. Lead animator for more than 200 flash e-learning tutorial movies, master of seminar speaker slides, manager of publishing over 1000 web/content pages, audio editor for over a hundred conference calls and designer for email newsletters and member’s marketing materials (including CD labels, Booklets and Postcards). Projects consisted of deadlines, restrictions and inventive challenges to creative online resources for leading Mortgage Industry Professionals.

Software/Technology used:
Dreamweaver CS3, Illustrator CS3, InDesign CS3, Adobe AfterAffects, Photoshop CS3, CSS, HTML, XML, JavaScript, DHTML, Flash, ActionScript 2 & 3, Adobe Acrobat 8, Adobe Audition 2.0, Adobe Premiere 2.0, Microsoft Suite including: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Publisher.

Awards / Honorable Mention:
» 2005 First ever LoanToolbox.com Person on a Mission Award
» 2007 Recognized for 5 years of employment with LoanToolbox.com


Personally responsible for design and development for over 40 speaker presentations

Keynote Celebrities

Interfaced with speakers Tony Robbins, Ben Stein, Lou Holtz, and Roy Firestone

Audio Coordinator

In charge of getting copyrights and releases for all conference music, imagery and assets for booth and stage presentations

Floor Performance Consultant

Customer Service Representative and Conference Help Desk Support for ticketing, booth setup, wrangler and backstage


Homes & Money
Practical Financial Tips
ARM Indexes: A 10-Year Comparison

Consumer Booklets

Consumer Credit Scoring
Home Buyer’s Handbook
33 Ways to Sell Your Home Fast
Reverse Mortgages
Equity Management

Direct Response Marketing

Direct Mail Flyers
Direct Mail Postcards
Strategic Financing
Holiday Postcards
Birthday Card

Customized Media and Branding

Company Brochure
Ghost Written Articles & Advertorials
Letterhead, Fax & Email Signatures

Relationship Marketing

Business Boosters
Gift of Knowledge Interview Series
Quick Tips for Consumers

Referral and Prospect Marketing

Mortgage Rate Updates
Open House Flyer
Lead Follow-up Campaigns

Customized Templates

8.5×11 Stationary
Video Marketing

Special Alerts

Timely Industry Notifications